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Welcome to Hark, the global opinion, trends and innovation network. Hark is a global collective of trailblazers who care deeply about how the world is changing and their role in it.

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Hark is full of interesting people that like to have their voices heard. We're looking for Harkers from around the world to join our community, share their opinions on issues, trends, brands and problems facing the world today.

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  • Earn between £20-£50 for taking part in our online projects (approx. 2-3 hours of your time)
  • Connect and network with other forward-thinking, bright, creative people from around the world
  • Engage in lively debates about issues you're passionate about
  • Get your voice heard and work with well-known brands and companies to help change the way they do business (for the better, of course!)
  • Help shape better products, services and brands
  • Win ongoing competitions and spot prizes

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Hark helps brands:

  • Understand the changing habits and views of Millennials
  • Go beyond the survey for deeper insights into brands, products and competitors
  • Develop meaningful relationships with young influencers
  • Create products and services that will change the world

If you're from a brand or company and you'd like to find out more about working with Hark, please get in touch.

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